Getting Started with HomeFront CrossFit

How do I start at HomeFront CrossFit?


1. Contact us through social media or call Sally on 0419604649 to organise a one-on-one walk through of HomeFront CrossFit at 52 Lords Place, Orange NSW 2800.

2. Organise your 1.5 hour On-Ramp session with Sally at a convenient time for you.

The On-Ramp session is a way that we can introduce you to HomeFront CrossFit in a relaxed and non-intimidating setting.

You will go through with Sally the basics of -

a) What is CrossFit?

b) You will be shown how a class is run and how we modify the movements for you. 

c) You will do a simple movement assessment, so we can see what you can and cannot do.

d) Then we go through the paperwork, set up your mobile phone apps and join HomeFront CrossFits private Facebook group. You will need these to book into your first class and be a member at HomeFront CrossFit.

Note: There are “NO” membership contracts at HomeFront CrossFit and you are “NOT” obligated to sign up for a membership after you complete the OnRamp. 

Starting at HomeFront CrossFit with the Class Program and General Membership


All HomeFront CrossFit Members Follow HomeFront CrossFit’s Class Programming. That is a non-negotiable.

All HomeFront Members are expected to do 3 to 4 classes per week.

Why is that you may ask?

The magic happens when you just do the work! No questions asked, No Egos, No time lines, No excuses, No second guessing anyone or anything,  just do the work.

We believe in creating all round Athletes – Not specialists.

We do not believe in elitism, cliques or specialists, there are no mirrors or selfies in the gym.

We believe in building an inclusive humble Community of good people.

HomeFront CrossFit’s Class Program specialises in not specialising. We believe in a broad, general and inclusive fitness program that will prepare you for all contingencies in life. The programming is always constantly varied without being random and is never boring! It is designed to be fun and universally adaptable to all age groups, strengths, the athletes experience or skill sets.

Five Main Points on a HomeFront CrossFit General Membership:

1. A General Membership includes unlimited classes per week!

2. There are “No Contracts”, “No Small Print”, there never has been and there never will be!

3. A Membership includes everything! That includes programming from a Beginner (Fitness) to programming for a Competition Athlete (RXD +).

4. If you have been training at a CrossFit Affiliate (12 months or more) and are moving to Orange, please call Gus on 0430484933 to discuss your options.

General Membership Options at HomeFront: Fortnightly Payments

a: Single Membership – $50 a week, $100 Fortnightly Payments. Unlimited Classes and No Contracts.

b. Couples Membership – $42.50 Each a week. $85 Fortnightly Payments Each. Unlimited Classes and No Contracts.

c. Students Membership – $42.50 Each a week. $85 Fortnightly Payments Each. Unlimited Classes and No Contracts.

d. Services Membership – Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Amboes, Doctors, Nurses etc) and Military (Current or Retired) $42.50 Each a week. $85 Fortnightly Payments Each.

e. FIFO’s Membership – We can customise your membership based on your shift hours and time off every month.

 If you have any Questions Call Sally on 0419604649

Why come to HomeFront CrossFit?

Learn More about your skill levels here

HomeFront CrossFit is working very hard to become one of the most successful CrossFit Boxes in Australia.

 By being successful we mean “Helping people to achieve their goals”!

 We are very proud that HomeFront CrossFit is one of the largest and one of the best equipped Box’s in Australia.

 HomeFront’s CrossFits Coaches love doing their job. Our focus and duty of care to you is to help you become a healthier, fitter, faster, stronger, and happier person than what you were before you came to us. That is our legacy and our promise to you!

 There are so many reasons why your Friends, Family and Colleagues are drawn to us. Our diverse, friendly group of Athletes are what fuels our passion and helps us get up every day. It doesn’t matter what you lift or where you finish in a workout, once you stand on that floor with us, we are all in this together. A great environment builds friendships and friendships build a fantastic community!

 At HomeFront CrossFit there are no place for ego’s, no room for bad attitudes.  Those type of people just don’t last here.  We are supportive, we are Mums and Dads, Brothers and Sisters, Friends and Mates, we are competitive, we are strong, we are humble, we are athletes….we are HomeFront CrossFit.

What is Crossfit, Nutrition & Fitness?

Workout Of The Day

February 29th, 2020

Sunday WOD 30-2-20

You will not find the daily WOD on our website for a few months.

For the next few months you will find the HomeFront CrossFit’s WOD on:

The reason for this is that we are moving to a digital score board (TV) from the 28th of March 2020.

We need all our HomeFront CrossFit members registered and using SugarWOD prior to us moving to Lords Place.

If you cannot login please go to HomeFront CrossFit’s Community Facebook page for the link and password to register on SugarWOD.

Thank You

Gus and Sal

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HomeFront Crossfit Allies

CrossFit Gymnastics Course

Byng Street

47 Byng St Orange NSW 2800

CrossFit Gymnastics Course

HomeFront CrossFit F.A.Q.

  • Why would I join a CrossFit Gym instead of a regular Gym?

    Because I’m presuming you want to get fit and healthy! By Fit and healthy we mean in a supportive, positive, social and caring environment that motivates you to keep turning up! You just happen to exercise as well.

    At HomeFront CrossFit we have one of Australia’s best CrossFit strength and conditioning facilities. Specifically designed for functional training plus world class coaches that are fully invested in helping you achieving your goals.

    All classes are fully coached and supervised from start to finish, often with multiple trainers. The program is set, all you need to do is turn up, have fun and work hard.

  • I’m not very fit, do I need to be? Can I still do CrossFit?

    You do not need to be fit to get start training at CrossFit. If anything we love it when we get a new Member who has no or little training experience as they do not have bad habits and old injuries from training incorrectly.

    We have Members of all levels of fitness at the gym, often all in the same class.

    The universal scalability and flexibility of the programming allows us to have complete beginners, and full time athletes working the same, although modified versions of the same workout. That’s what makes it fun..

    Every single person that walks into the HomeFront CrossFit is a beginner to CrossFit, regardless of how fit they are. Some progress quicker than others, its about how mush you’re willing to commit to achieve your goals.

    Its all about you and your journey, no-one elses!

  • Guys: "I need to get fitter before I’ll start CrossFit!

    You don’t get fit to go to the gym, you go to the gym to get fit…

    You are always going to be a beginner when you start at CrossFit.

    You might be a TriAthlete, A Soccer or Rugby Player, A Hockey or Netballer and be good at it! CrossFit looks after all 10 facets of Fitness not just the 2 or 3 specific to your sport. CrossFits specialises in not specialising! The only way to get CrossFit….. is to start CrossFit.

    It is going to feel very different from anything else you have ever done, and your previous fitness will not hold up very well to the different level of intensity, it takes time to adapt and build up to the new demands you are asking of your body.

    There is a learning curve, that’s what makes it fun, different and keeps you engaged. Enjoy the journey and again, remember be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


  • Ladies: "Will I get massive doing CrossFit?"

    If you are female it is not possible. Read that again, it is not possible to get huge doing CrossFit.

    You will get awesome definition because you will loose body fat. That’s not bulking up!!

    Women do not have enough circulating testosterone or eat enough Protein (2 x your bodyweight in protein a day) to promote that level of muscular growth. 60% off your health is what you eat! If you are getting bulky, you would be better off checking your body fat percentage. We can almost guarantee that the cause of you getting bigger is that you are eating all the wrong things. Sally is our in-house Clinical Nutritionist who can help you achieve your goals with Nutrition and therefore bodyweight.


    If you are a male, it’s possible to put on mass training CrossFit. However, as with any growth, it requires you eat good “in season” food and eat a lot of protein (Not just supplements) to support your growth. If you are not putting on size and you want to, you are not eating/training hard enough.

    If you are not losing size and you want to, you are not drinking enough water and you are eating too much,  probably in the order of refined (simple) carbohydrates. Eg: Donuts & Cup Cakes!

  • What if I have never lifted weights before?

    Lifting weights is essential for increasing strength and power, which is a fundamental component of any training program. If you have not lifted weights before, this doesn’t mean you can’t take part in CrossFit.

    In fact, it’s easier for us to coach people who haven’t used weights before, as they haven’t picked up bad habits that can be challenging to correct. We’ve found that women who have never lifted weights before often have better form/technique than the guys, as women don’t use their natural strength to lift the weights.

    Remember we do care about what weight you lift, we care about how you lift it!

  • What is CrossFit’s prescription for Nutrition?

    “Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that support exercise, but not body fat.” Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit)

    A really good starting point in learning about food is to read “In Defence of Food” by Michael Pollan. From there you will realise its about eating food that rots! Basically not eating food made by humans, in factories but eating plants and animals.

    Sally can help you from there.

    Sally on 0419604649.

The Homefront Story

“Angus & Sally Baldwin have a passion for helping their friends, family and athletes live a healthy and active lifestyle. Their philosophy is simple “You are = what you eat, how active you are and the quality of friends you surround yourself with”.

HomeFront Crossfit is built on this belief. That is to provide a safe, healthy and positive environment for you to become a better person in. Whether it be your self belief, getting seriously fit or wanting to surround yourself with happy, positive and energetic people who have a passion for living! Then you have found the right place to start.

Angus has been a semi professional and professional athlete all his life. He has been trained by some of the best sports & athletic performance coaches in Australia.

Sally has been training the human machine for 20 years. Sally is passionate about what she does and loves helping people connect with their bodies.

We can give our resumes, but at the end of the day it’s not about us, it’s about what we can do for you! So come on down, meet our team, the HomeFront CrossFit community and you will soon realise that this is the place that will positively change your life.

Giddy Up and see you soon!

Gus and Sal

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Homefront Crossfit

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    Orange NSW 2800

Angus: 0430 484 933

Sally: 0419 604 649

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