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Why would I join a CrossFit Gym instead of a regular Gym?

Because I’m presuming you want to get fit and healthy! By Fit and healthy we mean in a supportive, positive, social and caring environment that motivates you to keep turning up! You just happen to exercise as well.

At HomeFront CrossFit we have one of Australia’s best CrossFit strength and conditioning facilities. Specifically designed for functional training plus world class coaches that are fully invested in helping you achieving your goals.

All classes are fully coached and supervised from start to finish, often with multiple trainers. The program is set, all you need to do is turn up, have fun and work hard.

I’m not very fit, do I need to be? Can I still do CrossFit?

You do not need to be fit to get start training at CrossFit. If anything we love it when we get a new Member who has no or little training experience as they do not have bad habits and old injuries from training incorrectly.

We have Members of all levels of fitness at the gym, often all in the same class.

The universal scalability and flexibility of the programming allows us to have complete beginners, and full time athletes working the same, although modified versions of the same workout. That’s what makes it fun..

Every single person that walks into the HomeFront CrossFit is a beginner to CrossFit, regardless of how fit they are. Some progress quicker than others, its about how mush you’re willing to commit to achieve your goals.

Its all about you and your journey, no-one elses!

Guys: "I need to get fitter before I’ll start CrossFit!

You don’t get fit to go to the gym, you go to the gym to get fit…

You are always going to be a beginner when you start at CrossFit.

You might be a TriAthlete, A Soccer or Rugby Player, A Hockey or Netballer and be good at it! CrossFit looks after all 10 facets of Fitness not just the 2 or 3 specific to your sport. CrossFits specialises in not specialising! The only way to get CrossFit….. is to start CrossFit.

It is going to feel very different from anything else you have ever done, and your previous fitness will not hold up very well to the different level of intensity, it takes time to adapt and build up to the new demands you are asking of your body.

There is a learning curve, that’s what makes it fun, different and keeps you engaged. Enjoy the journey and again, remember be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Ladies: "Will I get massive doing CrossFit?"

If you are female it is not possible. Read that again, it is not possible to get huge doing CrossFit.

You will get awesome definition because you will loose body fat. That’s not bulking up!!

Women do not have enough circulating testosterone or eat enough Protein (2 x your bodyweight in protein a day) to promote that level of muscular growth. 60% off your health is what you eat! If you are getting bulky, you would be better off checking your body fat percentage. We can almost guarantee that the cause of you getting bigger is that you are eating all the wrong things. Sally is our in-house Clinical Nutritionist who can help you achieve your goals with Nutrition and therefore bodyweight.


If you are a male, it’s possible to put on mass training CrossFit. However, as with any growth, it requires you eat good “in season” food and eat a lot of protein (Not just supplements) to support your growth. If you are not putting on size and you want to, you are not eating/training hard enough.

If you are not losing size and you want to, you are not drinking enough water and you are eating too much,  probably in the order of refined (simple) carbohydrates. Eg: Donuts & Cup Cakes!

What if I have never lifted weights before?

Lifting weights is essential for increasing strength and power, which is a fundamental component of any training program. If you have not lifted weights before, this doesn’t mean you can’t take part in CrossFit.

In fact, it’s easier for us to coach people who haven’t used weights before, as they haven’t picked up bad habits that can be challenging to correct. We’ve found that women who have never lifted weights before often have better form/technique than the guys, as women don’t use their natural strength to lift the weights.

Remember we do care about what weight you lift, we care about how you lift it!

What is CrossFit’s prescription for Nutrition?

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that support exercise, but not body fat.” Greg Glassman (Founder of CrossFit)

A really good starting point in learning about food is to read “In Defence of Food” by Michael Pollan. From there you will realise its about eating food that rots! Basically not eating food made by humans, in factories but eating plants and animals.

Sally can help you from there.

Sally on 0419604649.

Our Programming

At HomeFront CrossFit we focus on helping you improve your GPP (General Physical Preparedness) for whatever life throughs at you.

This means that you all have your own goals and aspirations. That may be health and wellbeing, Lifestyle or competition, whatever your goals are we will help you achieve them.

Angus and Sally do not believe in reinventing the wheel and therefore follow Ben Bergerons programming from http://crossfitnewengland.com in Boston, USA as our primary source of programming.

You will see three WOD options every day at HFCF:

  1. Open – Those that want to compete RXD in The CrossFit Games – Open Workouts.
  2. Performance - Those that want to compete SCALED in The CrossFit Games – Open Workouts.
  3. Fitness – Is for beginners and our members who want to fit and healthy and do not want to Compete in The CrossFit Games – Open Workouts are in March.

Ben Bergeron opened CrossFit New England in 2006, and is the current coach to Matthew Fraser (USA) and Katrina Davidsdottir (Iceland) the finest Male and Female Athletes from the 2016 CrossFit Games. The CrossFit New England Team does a wonderful job at programming “Constantly Varied High Intensity  performed at a High Intensity“ workouts that are enjoyable and scalable (Safe) for everyone, not just competitive CrossFit Athletes.

We would like to thank Ben Bergeron, Heather Bergeron and their team for providing such an awesome resource to the CrossFit Community.

Angus and Sally would like to thank Matt and Wendy Swift form CrossFit Brisbane for helping HomeFront CrossFit with programming and wisdom in the early years. Matt and Wendy always go out of their (very busy) way to help CrossFit Affiliate Owners around the world and to improve CrossFit Athletes and the sport of CrossFit Worldwide. Keep up the great work Guys.

Gus & Sally

We Walk the Talk

It really all starts with the fact that we practice what we preach and we love doing what we do.

Angus & Sally have been training for more than 20 years and know that to look, feel and perform at your best you need to eat well, practice at being better, be active, and to be positively involved in living a healthy lifestyle.

We also have 3 beautiful kids and appreciate the demands of time, work and family life has on your goals of living a healthy and happy life.

Come in and Chat with us and you will quickly see that we are who we say we are!

Can I turn up at any time?

“No”. At HomeFront CrossFit we want you to develop as an athlete with great technique/form and in a safe and realistic time frame (re “be patient”).  All sessions are under instruction/supervision. We are not an open Gym, and during the week you cannot just turn up to do your own session. On Saturdays there is an Open gym session where you can come in and do whatever you want to do, with one of our coaches there to assist you.

Do I have to sign a contract?

There are “No contracts” or joining fees, never have been & never will be!

We understand that people’s situations change, such as moving or changing jobs. If you can no longer train with HomeFront CrossFit, we will need two weeks’ notice to cancel your membership. No questions asked.

Think you have what it takes? Sign up today!

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