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April 17th, 2015

The Evolution of HomeFront CrossFit

As of September HomeFront CrossFit will have been officially affiliated for 3 years (Est 2012) and training using CrossFit methodology since March 2012.

Because of this we have Athletes that have been CrossFitting for 3 months to 3 years. Due to the work you have all put in over that time there is a massive difference between all of your CrossFit’s skills, ability and work capacity.

Everyone who starts at HomeFront did so with a single goal in mind. To be fitter, faster stronger, healthier, to lose weight, or to just have fun.

Usually becoming better at CrossFit and being part of the community becomes your passion and your initial goal just happens anyway.

But what happens when you achieve your goal?

You normally find new goals to challenge you moving forward.

Those new goals are normally your weakness or strengths that you have a passion for.

How do you know what is considered a beginners, intermediate or advanced level in those movements. How do you know what you can focus on achieving?

How do you measure your Fitness? How do we measure your fitness?

So, this is our challenge. How do we measure your fitness to help you achieve your goals?

More importantly, How can we help you achieve these goals if we do not know “How fit, fast or strong you are”?

This is how?

As of the 1st of May at HomeFront CrossFit we are introducing Athletic Levels.

This is the evolution of HomeFront CrossFit.

It is not designed to be intimidating or elitist. We are going to work with you all on a “one on one” basis to help you achieve these goals even if you do have past injuries, illnesses, your not fit or your getting on a bit!

Putting people down is not HF CrossFit’s way, it’s about lifting you up to be better than you were yesterday!

See you all soon!


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