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May 8th, 2016


HFCF – Athletes

Please follow the “Daily” programing!

Please “Do not” start adding your own WODs on weekends as we have started seeing over use injuries creeping in. Trust the programming!!

We plan your week around the WODs, Strength, Skills and Competition Training using Ben Bergeron’s CrossFit New England’s – CompTrain Program as a template.

Ben’s Programming has and continues to be the benchmark for CrossFitters around the world. He currently Coaches Katrin Davidsdottir (Won 2015 CrossFit Games), works with Mathew Fraser (2nd 2014 & 15 CrossFit Games) and dozens of CrossFit Games and Regionals Level Athletes around the world.


At HomeFront CrossFit we focus on your form and technique before you start competing on the scoreboard with time, weight and intensity.  Your long-term health and wellbeing is our singular major focus!


Athletic Level – Testing.

We have brought in the Athletic levels to help you achieve your health goals.

CrossFit uses “Constantly Varied, Functional Movement performed at an High Intensity” as a guide to help us program for you a broad, general and inclusive fitness.

Fitness for us is to be good at all the ten components of fitness – cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy, power and speed. Not being good at just one of them, but being great at all of them!

To be able to measure your fitness we need be able to see your measurable, observable and repeatable data (results). Not everyone uses Beyond the Whiteboard (BYWB) so we can see your strengths and weakness to help you achieve your goals. (You all should use BYWB! Its free to HFCF Athletes and part of your membership. Just ask Gus)

This is why we have brought in the Athletic levels!

The Athletic Testing will start on Saturday the 21st May 2016 and then every Saturdays at 10.30am for an hour (After the Sat WOD). You will have until Mid December 2016 to achieve your desired Level. All the HFCF Athletes that have already started their levels in 2015 can continue where you left off.

Please do “not” attempt a Level until you have achieved all the skills “BEFORE” attempting your Athletic level. Remember to ask your Coach for help – that is what we are here for. HFCF Coaches want to help you become Fitter, Faster and Stronger safely. We do “Not” want you to fail or be injured attempting the levels as that means we have not done our duty of care to you properly.


What are you CrossFitting for?

If it is for General Health and Wellbeing then train for General Health and Wellbeing, If it is to be a Competition Athlete then train at being a Competitive Athlete. Please do not mix both, as they are “Different” versions of CrossFit.

General Health and Wellbeing. (GPP – General Physical Preparedness)

If it is for general health and wellbeing then please focus on the WOD and Skill 3-4 sessions a week, week in and week out. You are going to get fitter, faster and stronger by doing this. Get involved in our awesome community, meet people and make an effort to know everyone.

For your Goals – Look at the Athletic Level – Beginners and work towards ticking them all off. Do “NOT” do Strength or Competition training and “DO” turn up to Barbell Club on Monday and Thursday nights at 5.45pm to work on your technique, strength and form.

Once you have achieved HFCF Athletic Level – Beginners start to add Strength Training to your programming.

For GPP please focus on these Levels. (Look at the Athletic Levels poster at the Box)

Beginner – This is the minimum standard for fitness. An injury-free athlete starting CrossFit can expect to reach this level of fitness within 3-12 months of consistent effort. Achieving this level will ensure you have the minimum flexibility, stamina, and strength of a well-rounded Athlete, as well as having the basic concepts of proper movement.

Intermediate – L1. As an adult, this is considered to be healthy and fit. You can expect somewhere between 6-24 months to achieve this once you’ve reached the level of Beginner. This represents a healthy level of flexibility, stamina, work capacity, speed and strength/bodyweight ratio, as well as a good understanding of the basic movements of CrossFit.

So to stop any confusion:

  1. New to CrossFit and for those that are working on your health and wellbeing. Aim at 3 -4 WODs / Skill sessions a week for 3 to 12 months. Look at the HFCF Athletic Levels – Beginners to see what skills you need to work on and ask a Coach for help to achieve them.
  2. Once you have gone through all the Beginners Level Skills successfully its time to, “Go for it”!
  3. Once you have successfully achieved a “Beginners Level” add strength training to your programming 3-4 days a week. Look at the L1 Skills as a goal and work towards attaining them over time.


Lets be frank here!

If you “Do” have the Weightlifting requirements for Athletic Level – L1 and working towards L2 then please do the Competition Training. You are ready to start competing!

If you do “Not” have them, then focus on the WOD, Skill and Strength training 4 to 5 days a week and you will be there in time. Consistency and “Not” cherry picking the WODs is a must. Fix your diet up and just keep turning up.

The best competitive Box’s in the world focus on “Just doing CrossFit”! That is specialising at “Not” being a specialist, but being good at everything. It takes time, dedication, integrity and commitment to be a “Great” competitive Athlete. Do “NOT” expect that to happen in months but years of hard work and sacrifice

For Competitive Athletes please focus on achieving these Levels.

Advanced – L2. This represents a significant level of fitness that few people possess (though any healthy person can achieve it). You will have the capability to take on any and all physical challenges with confidence. This is an appropriate level for military, fire, and policemen, as well as amateur athletes. Engaging in these professions or sports without an Advanced level puts you at unnecessary risk for injury or failure.

Elite – L3. This represents an extremely highly skilled and well-rounded athlete. This requires dedication and commitment on par with a professional athlete or CrossFit Games competitor.


Hope this helps!

Angus (Gus) Baldwin


Thank you to Ben Bergeron for your awesome programming, Matt Swift – CrossFit Brisbane for your ongoing support and CrossFit Thames for the use of your Athletic Skill Levels.


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