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Wednesday WOD 4-2-15

February 3rd, 2015

WOD – Wednesday, 28/1/2015 - CrossFit Brisbane


[A] Open WOD 13.1
Complete as many reps as possible in 17 minutes of:
40 Burpees
35kg (20kg) Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees
62kg (35kg) Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees
75kg (45kg) Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
95kg (55kg) Snatch, as many reps as possible

For time:
1600m Run Time Trial


OH Squat x 10

Modified Burg Warmup
2 rounds, 3 reps of each
-Down + Up
-Down + Up High Elbows
-Muscle Snatch
-Snatch Lands 2” 4” 6”
-Snatch Drops
-Pressing Snatch Balance
-Heaving Snatch Balance
-Snatch Balance
-Hang Power Snatch
-Power Snatch

10 Clapping Pushups
10 tuck jumps (land softly)
10 V-ups

Then warmup on the equipment

Log results online (Beyond the Whiteboard)


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