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Thursday WOD 24-12-15

December 23rd, 2015

On behalf of HomeFront CrossFit we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Gus, Sally & Blocker.

Thursday WOD 24-12-15

Teams of 2:
2 Rounds for time of:
40 Overhead Squats, 115/80
40 TTB
20 Squat Snatch, 115/80
20 Bar MU

Thank you to: http://competitorstraining.com/2015/12/monday-12-14-15/

Skill: No

Strength: Shoulder Press  4 x 10 @ 75% of your “Working” 1 rm.

A “Working” 1rm is your true CrossFit Total 1rm – less 20%. This cycle is designed to maintain strength, lactate training and laying a good foundation moving into three months of a CrossFit Games Open preparation training cycle e.g. a lot of conditioning.


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